Saturday, August 21, 2010

Day 52: Leogane --> Port-au-Prince --> Santo Domingo --> La Romana --> Bayahibe --> La Romana --> Santo Domingo --> Port-au-Prince --> Leogane --> Port-au-Prince

Nope. Still alive. Didn’t die in the Dominican Republic, nor on my reentry into Haiti. On the flipside, had an absolutely incredible time and now here I sit with friends in Port au Prince. Just finished mixing the hell out of some concrete to reinforce a dome that has lots of medical supplies stored in it. Relaxing. Smoking Haitian cigarettes (apparently I’m smoking again…) and drinking luke-warm Prestiges and listening to a radio station I only wish I could find in the States.  Excellent electronic music. The sky is grey, which is welcomed given how hot it is when the sun has the chance to do its thing in this country. There’s a hen running around, a couple of wheel barrows leaning, and a solid group of people taking it easy in preparation for what promises to be a rowdy night. Paddy leaves on Monday, so I opted to accompany him down to the GrassRoots United basecamp here on the outskirts of the airport. Simon, Jodie and Sinead are expected to arrive from Leogane soon and tonight we’ll be rolling en masse to Distinction, a club here in Port au Prince that is supposedly one hell of a good time. But, I’m getting ahead of myself. It’s been two weeks since any updates. I had a great time in the Dominican Republic, so let’s rewind it a bit…

Actually, this isn’t the right time for a rewind. Too many distractions. I should be enjoying my company. More to come soon. Here’s a little fun from two nights ago:

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