Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Day 70: Not Dead Yet

I'm still alive, just been very busy and am dealing with the whole "there is so much writing I have to do to catch up that I almost don't want to do it" thing. I've figured out a solution though - video blog updates. So, sometime soon here I'll catch up with this via video. It'll be a lot faster to just tell you all what has been happening rather than type it. And yes, a lot has been happening. Life here in Haiti continues, and my spirits are great. Details in a bit...

Yesterday marked three years since mom passed away. I went out back, behind the Joint Logistics Base, and found a little sand pile. Built a small fire. Lit it at 6:48PM (mom died at 4:48PM and it is two hours ahead here) and spent some time alone just appreciating her.

Life continues, and life is good.