Sunday, March 13, 2011

Day 0: Playing Catch Up

Playing night owl tonight apparently. It's Saturday, 3:21AM. No real desire to go out and get rowdy. I've been good on the whole no drinking aspect of the Los Angeles Experiment, and so much of going out involves that, so I chose to stay in. Watched Jackass 3D with my friend Mike. Guilty pleasure, unquestionably, but it had some funny parts in it. "The High Five" is pretty hilarious. Then I opened up my videos from Haiti and we went through them. There are so many. He wanted to see the people and the places I talk to him about, so that's what we did.

Now I'm in the process of trying to go through them and get them a little bit more organized so I can get them up on YouTube. It'll take a bit of time, but once it is done, you can find them on my YouTube channel. Here's a few that have finished uploading:

Many more to come.

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