Sunday, January 29, 2012

Day 241: Not Dead Yet

Nope, not dead yet. Apologize for the lack of updates, been a very busy re-entry into Haiti and the BSF program. No time at the moment for a proper update, but a few things have happened.

1. Belval Plaza is gone. I'm writing this from my room in the new house in the neighborhood of Chatulet. My OWN room. Yes. I even have a bed. With a mattress. Life is good.

2. New office too. In theory this keeps work / life balance. Doesn't work that way, but the new office is a much improved version of the old one.

3. Break in the Dominican was alright. Las Terrenas wasn't really my cup of tea, but I was with good people. Think next time I travel though I'll go solo. I find when I do have downtime, I want to be alone.

4. The biosand filter program is looking at a big year ahead. Lots of interest from other NGOs and even the Haitian government in potentially partnering with us, so that's cool. Lots of work though. LOTS of work (hence no updates).

5. I got into grad school in the UK. King's College London - MA in Disasters, Adaptation & Development. Not decided on whether or not I'm going to that specific program, but King's interests me. It is in the heart of London, one of the top schools in the UK, and everyone I've spoken to that's been there tells me it's great. So that's cool. Now to figure out how to pay for it...

6. Post-Haiti ponderings. I've got a lot on my mind around that. The next steps following Haiti could be some of the most life-defining. So many key aspect of a life are in play post-Haiti: love, education, career. It could all come together in some beautiful way, or it could all fall apart. I need to get my head in the post-Haiti game, but at the moment I truly can't. I'm too busy. Going to have to carve out some balance. At the moment I've got none. I've been OK with that for a while, but that is changing now. The last thing I want is to leave Haiti with everything to come half-figured out. I've given a lot of myself to this country, this organization and this program, and that was something I chose to do, something I wanted to do, but I'm at the point now where I know if I don't draw a line in the sand, I'll resent it later. All of this will end in August. My life won't. I need to take the time now to make sure I continue in a way that I'm proud of, and moves me closer to what I want. I'm by no means done here - this is where I want to be - but I do need to create the space I need to start to get ready for what's coming next as well.