Project Leogane, Part 2 - Leogane, Haiti (June 2011 - Present)

My return trip to Haiti and All Hands Volunteers is different than my first for one simple reason: I came back knowing exactly what I'm going to be doing. This time around, I've joined up with my long-time friend Paddy to re-launch the biosand filter program that All Hands is running. Our goal? Install 250 biosand filters in homes throughout Leogane in three months. This time around, we have a local staff of ten, and have made the necessary changes to the biosand program to hopefully see it flourish. It is wonderful to be back in Haiti after a four month hiatus spent bouncing around. As frustrating as this place can be, something about it just has a way of lingering...

Project Leogane - Leogane, Haiti (July 2010 - January 2011)

The project that inspired this blog, and was my first attempt at moving myself toward a career and a life I could be proud of. I worked as a volunteer with All Hands Volunteers (formerly Hands On Disaster Response) to aid in earthquake relief efforts in the city of Leogane. During the 201 days I was there, I worked to clear collapsed homes and rubble, I helped run an after-school program for a group of orphans, and had the chance to start and run a biosand filter project bringing clean drinking water to at-risk communities and families. The experience changed my life, and I am forever grateful to All Hands Volunteers for allowing me to be there, and for giving me a chance to do something worth doing.

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