Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Day 0: London

And just like that, life reaffirms.

In London. Got here earlier today, after a pitstop in the Reykjavik airport. Stupid jetlagged and happy. Saw she who I most wanted to see, sick to my stomach with the buildup, and there was no need for it - it was wonderful. Clarity comes in funny ways. This one was simple - if we're apart, we don't work. If we're together, we work. Beautifully. Nothing on paper changes in regards to what is happening in our lives. The timing is still off. We still have to say goodbye in three weeks. And that's OK. I know now that, despite time and distance and lives unfolding independently, when we overlap, we're good. Better than good. It's something unique. We had it in Haiti. We still have it here.

That means more to me than I can express. I sleep tonight with a smile on my face. Tomorrow, it's time to enjoy the hell out of this city, and this country.

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