Monday, January 3, 2011

Day 187: 2010

2010. Maybe the biggest year of my life. It's the past now, but just barely, and the impact it has made on me lingers. I imagine it will be a while before I figure out just how much. This post can only scratch the surface.

In 2010 I had love, walked away from it, found it again, and had to step back again. In 2010 I lived in a country that brought me to life while it broke my heart. In 2010 I created friendships that are temporary in nature, but have something to them that will last forever. In 2010 I began to live up to my potential, but didn't quite get there. In 2010 I fully realized the duality of the person that I am, equal parts social and solitary. In 2010 I sought to figure out what my purpose for being here is. I didn't, but the process has begun. It will continue.

Two weeks from today, I leave Haiti. I don't really know what that means. I have my plans. They're completely liquid. I could go any direction. I'm not sure of any of them.

I leave 2010 changed. I can't say how. It's felt. It isn't explained.

I leave 2010 thankful. And for that, I have only a simple "Thank you." to offer in return.

Thank you.

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