Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Day 0 - The Reset

Wow. And just like that, everything changes.

I write this in the dark and early hours of a New York winter morning, lying on my friend Helen's couch. She's sleeping. I can't. I feel strange right now. I can't tell you exactly how. It manifests itself in funny ways - finding myself surrounded by close friends who are so hospitable and happy to see me, and yet feeling lonelier than I have in a long time. Needing to take care of a million different things, but wanting to simply sit, alone with my music and my thoughts, letting the minutes tick past. Being back in a city I love, and yet wanting to escape it as quickly as I can. I suppose I am doing that - I'm off to London in five days. But that too will have its own set of challenges, and that too will end.

I do have my plan though, and two wonderful friends committed to making it happen with me. That keeps me moving forward, and we will find ourselves back in the raw places of the world again.

1 comment:

  1. my friends have all lived in Chiapas
    including Alison
    Get off the couch and take The Bonanza
    from PA to Woods Hole
    And we'll talk!
    L,Unck L