Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Day 0: Goodbye Los Angeles

Well, the day is here. 4:12PM now. 11:30PM and I'm on the runway en route to New York's JFK and then down to Port-au-Prince. Needless to say, I'm excited. And, as usual when it comes to my dog and my brother, there's some sadness too. I have to say goodbye to both of them soon, potentially for a while. My brother isn't so hard. He and I can still communicate when I'm away, but Mac (the pooch) is a different story. He obviously can't Skype me, or write me an email. He just gets sad, but he's got his Uncle Cort with him, and Cort does have the tendency to spoil Mac rotten, so I think he'll be OK.

Quite a few thoughts about my time here. It hasn't been the easiest stretch in the world, but a lot of that didn't really have to do with Los Angeles. Relationships are everything in life, and this time has largely been about accepting some of the realities that can surface when you let other people in, and then have to let them out again. Between wrapping my head around some of that and figuring out what my next move is, LA has been a largely internal adventure. But it has been an adventure, and one I'm glad I took. I feel focused now, in some ways more than I've ever been before. I am clear about what my goals are for the immediate future, and for the next few years. That has been the result of taking the time to let often uncomfortable feelings and thoughts just pass through, and see if there's anything of value to be gained. There was. There always is.

So then, thank you to my family, my friends, my pup, and this city for being there for me. Much appreciated. Thank you to those of you who have opted to help sponsor me for this return trip to Haiti. Your generosity makes the work I want to do there possible. I very much look forward to keeping all of you up to date on it all, and to keep sharing.

Tomorrow then. Day 0 ends today. Day 1 awaits. Again.

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