Thursday, November 14, 2013

BBC panel on aid and the Philippine disaster response.

Thank you to the BBC and the World Have Your Say team for giving me a chance to chime in on some past work done, what's going on now in the Philippines, and the larger world of humanitarian aid.

Philippines: Analysis of an Aid Mission

Sometimes I feel like I come off as an aid skeptic - and most certainly I can be critical - but if nothing else I hope it is understood that I care about getting this stuff right, and ultimately support any effort by people and organizations genuinely interested in helping other people in need, and willing to shine an inquisitive light on themselves in the process of doing so. To echo what I wrote when trying to make sense of my two years in Haiti, "Aid is not charismatic. It can be to untrained eyes, but under the feel-good exterior lies a much uglier core that, once revealed, makes itself very hard to like, but even harder to walk away from. No, aid is not charismatic, but it is compelling, because it represents a desire to manifest the best of ourselves: a powerful, affirming, awakened engagement with one another that comes from the marriage of human ingenuity to human compassion. In a sea of questions, that is the anchor that might just lead to an answer."

Right then, back to the job hunt. Any amazing LA organizations out there hiring? Let's do this!

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