Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Day 27 - A Bird's-Eye View

HODR basecamp and surrounding area, a la (slightly outdated) Google Earth.

  1. The entrance to HODR basecamp from the street.
  2. Where my tent is on the roof.
  3. Where food is served (this image is old, there are no more shelter tents in this area, only one large tent for HODR meetings.
  4. Where that large meeting tent is.
  5. The quad area in the center of the HODR base, where we play sports.
  6. Joe's Bar, where we tend to congregate in the evenings for some cold cervezas and music. Joe is the owner of this entire structure, and the large plot of land in the back where the Joint Logistics Base is currently going up. Rich man by Haitian standards.
  7. Behind the HODR base, where the biosand water filter workshop is going to be. 
  8. The area currently occupied by the Joint Logistics Base. Again, this is an old image. It is no longer grassy and open, but rather graveled and full of large tent buildings that are providing support to Haiti (World Food Program, etc.).

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