Friday, July 2, 2010

Day 2 - Photos

Port au Prince airport - baggage claim.

Waiting at the airport for the HODR shuttle to Leogane w/ Margot, another HODR volunteer.

Port au Prince road.

The outskirts of Port au Prince.

The roof at HODR basecamp in Leogane, where most of us with tents camp.

First full day on the job @ Project Paul (every project has a name). Smashed lots of things. Sore as hell.

Lunch. Actually damn tasty, some sort of beans, rice and fish concoction. I took more than I was supposed to, didn't know it at the time though. Live and learn.


  1. Good lord, you're as ugly as I remember you! That food looks awful, too. And do I remember Paddy from Oxford? Do I remember much from Oxford?

  2. More food pics! I love it and I love you. So proud. Keep it up my brotha!