Friday, July 9, 2010

Day 9 - Support Clean Water for Haiti

Alright, after a long and always interesting roadtrip down the national highway (please, let go of any preconceived of what a highway is supposed to be) we've landed back at HODR basecamp here in Leogane. It's dark now, and I'm tired, so this won't be much of a post, but I wanted to encourage anyone that feels they'd like to to support Clean Water for Haiti, the organization I was just with for the last five days, to do so. Here's their website, which has a link to donate if you're feeling so inclined:

Clean Water for Haiti

Also, if you're curious as to another Westerner's perspective on being in Haiti, here is a blog you might find interesting. It is written by Leslie, one of our two hosts at Pierre Payen, and little Olivia's mom:

Rollings in Haiti

Alright then, time to duck over to the bar next door (Joe's) and see if they have pizza on the menu tonight. Got here too late for dinner. Starving. Until soon...

Dusk in Port au Prince.

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  1. does blessing water, pouring it into the estero river, which flows to the gulf and singing a hawaiian prayer count as a clean up effort?;-)