Monday, July 5, 2010

Day 5 - Photos

After arriving in Pierre Payen we got to work learning how to build water biofilters. Stage one - sand sifting.

The production area for the biofilters.

After sifting the sand it's time to wash it.

Olivia swings by to say hi.

Next stage, sifting the gravel (and hopefully, having Quinn pull his shorts up...).

Aaaaaand, but of course, washing the gravel. My fingertips hated me. Luckily this closed out day one for us.

Hanging with Olivia at the Pierre Payen property where we're staying.

Olivia, her mom Leslie (one of our hosts) and a damn fine cook whose name I can't pronounce or spell.

Olivia checks out the waterline.

What we're actually building, a biosand water filter.


  1. why is there a wire fence on the beach?? keep the peeps out??;-) no fair!!!!!!!! Equal opportunity for all!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Security unfortunately. The hosts fired a bad worker that lives in the area and have since had their van burned in their driveway and the life of their daughter threatened. Sad, but yea, security absolutely necessary. The chainlink is just the start - they have guards with shotguns patrolling the property 24/7 as well.